Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just Me and 6,000 Rats, by Rick Walton

Teachers and parents know that teaching is more effective when kids are having fun. Rick Walton's Language Adventures Series combines entertainment and education with eight newly revised picture books that cleverly teach grammar and usage. Kids will love the silly stories, funny illustrations, and witty wordplay. Teachers and parents will love the new features: definitions at the beginning of the book and activities at the end that allow kids to apply what they've learned.

Titles in the series include

Around the House, the Fox Chased the Mouse: Adventures in Prepositions

Bullfrog Pops: Adventures in Verbs and Objects

Herd of Cows, Flock of Sheep: Adventures in Collective Nouns

Just Me and 6,000 Rats: Adventures in Conjunctions

Once There Was a Bull . . . (Frog): Adventures in Compound Words

Pig Pigger Piggest: Adventures in Comparing

Suddenly Alligator: Adventures in Adverbs

Why the Banana Split: Adventures in Idioms

Rick Walton is the author of more than sixty children's books, including this best-selling language arts series. His books have been featured on the IRA Children's Choice list, Reading Rainbow, and CBS This Morning.

More than 150,000 copies sold!

Conjunction-junction, what's your function? Author Rick Walton knows, and he's delivered another delightful children's book in the language arts series to teach budding new readers all about them. Conjunctions are used to link words, phrases, and clauses, but who knew that they could be so clever!

"After the game we decided to see a play. The city is famous for its plays. We entered the theater. We had trouble finding just the right seats, AS . . .

. . . all the seats were already filled, SO . . .

. . . we sat on people's laps. We don't know why everyone decided to leave early, THOUGH. . .

. . . it might have been that the show was about cats. Who wants to see a show about cats? We left the theater.

And then the rats saw the sign, "Museum of Fine Arts". Rats don't read well. They insisted we go in BECAUSE . . . . . . they thought it said, "Museum of Fine Rats."

Reading level: Ages 4-8

Paperback: 36 pages
Publisher: Gibbs Smith; Revised edition (March 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1423620763
ISBN-13: 978-1423620761

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  1. I'm a third grade teacher and I bought this book to use as a mentor text for teaching my students to combine short sentences into longer, more meaningful sentences. I read the book to the class first so they could concentrate on the hilarious text and illustrations. Then I read it again a few days later so that the class could pay attention to the conjunctions used in the text. They loved it, remembered all the conjunctions, and were able to accurately complete an activity where they selected conjunctions to combine two shorter sentences. The book is now displayed on a shelf in the room for students to use as a reference when they get stuck writing their own great sentences. Great book for reading and great mentor text.