Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Taking the Fall by Summer Miller

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After a horrifying zipline accident at a local Scout-O-Rama, Summer Miller discovers that she must move away from a life of children's birthday parties and perfectly folded napkins to become the vigilant caretaker in charge of her family's recovery. Not only have the Boy Scouts been remiss on that terrible day in following their mottos of "Be Prepared" and "Safety First," but she finds others can be functioning under the same automatic pilot of "authority" which breeds these horrible mistakes. A nurse, a doctor, a lawyer can fail to be "awake" enough to observe a situation and remedy it, and their need to be right, to be an authority, prevents them from expressing their natural human compassion. Summer bravely faces the debilitating consequences of the accident and finds that her newly learned vigilance must be practiced as well with the lawyers, the medical experts, the personal counselors and even one Girl Scout leader she must deal with on her path to return her family to wholeness. Along the way she learns that karma comes in many guises and that only by stepping out of the learned social complacencies of life can one begin to control one's own destiny and have a chance at creating the life one wants. Dramatic, intense and insightful, Taking the Fall is laced with Summer's own marvelous sense of humor that prompts as many tears of laughter as the tears of sorrow that come over her family's unnecessary tragedy.
Very much enjoyed this fast-paced book. Check it out!

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