Thursday, July 31, 2014

Running Shoes by Joyce Fishman

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Anyone who loves to run knows the distinct exhilaration of taking on the outdoors with no other equipment than a good pair of running shoes. It’s a way of clearing the mental clutter, resolving tensions, and feeling fully awake and alive. 
With whimsical text and beautiful watercolor and pen-and-ink illustrations—rich in color and imagery—Running Shoes not only conveys the cities, paths, trees, and roads that a runner encounters—it brings to life the feeling of what the runner encounters in their journey. This book reminds us what running and running shoes can bring to your life in a delightfully unique way.

An interesting book, indeed. Started reading it thinking it was a children's book, since it was so small and lots of colorful pictures.  After the book was finished I realized this might just be a small book made for adults. The content is exactly what the title says. It's all about running shoes. The freedom of running with a new pair of running shoes. I enjoyed the illustrations the most in this book. Not a lot of content in the book. But whimsical. Fun. Colorful.

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