Friday, February 13, 2015

The Dream Walker Returns by Michelle Murray

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The Darkness has waited a long time to return to Mystica. Now, with the help of the wizard Shadow it has found a way back into the land. It will stop at nothing and no one to darken all of Mystica. Miranda is called to Mystica to help fight the Darkness. Her friend Brian follows. Does he mean to help or hinder her? Can Miranda stop the Darkness and save Mystica, and if so at what cost?

About the Author

I am a married working mother with two very fine young men. I have had always had a passion for writing and children. When not writing, I enjoy doing crafts, spending time with my family, and going for walks.

a quick read. I would say a teenager would love this book. I was a little bored. but it was a good book.

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