Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's Not Your Fault by Miles Tyrone Leader, Jr.

Learn Why Your Financial Situation Is Not Your Fault

Are you living paycheck to paycheck, struggling financially or just flat broke? Well, you need to know, it’s not your fault. Learn why it’s not your fault, and the secret strategies you can use to change your situation. Most of society has been groomed to follow the path of going to school, getting a secure job and going into debt. Nowhere in that equation are you taught how to invest, build a business and properly secure your financial future. By the time most of us figure out our mistakes, we are either too broke, too old or too deep in debt to really care. But, no matter how broke, old or deep in debt you are, you can begin building your wealth today with the right education.
“By design, it is meant for you to be an economic slave. It is not meant for you to have knowledge about the very system that places you into debt and keeps you financially oppressed, nor are you supposed to know the hidden forces that keep you broke as the financial elite get wealthier.” – Miles Tyrone Leader Jr., Author of It’s Not Your Fault!.

Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc. (August 13, 2014)


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