Friday, July 10, 2015

Parents! Loose Your Children From Bondage by Abolaji Muylwa Akinbo

Do you know that there are different types and classifications of children in the Bible?

These classifications explain everything you need to know about yourself and your children. It explains your childhood and your children’s behavior today. It shows you Bible specifics and tendencies.

This book is quite captivating and will motivate you to investigate what the author interprets as bondage. Given that there are countless influences and forces that draw children in different directions, readers will be interested to see God’s viewpoint.

Your present trauma came from your past drama. Today’s drama is linked to yesterday’s trauma. If your childhood is wounded, your parenting philosophy will be affected irrespective of how much you love your children. So fixing your mindset, and personal quirks is crucial.

The topic of this nonfiction book is one of great interest to parents of all ages. It seeks to wake parents up to the subtle travesties happening in their children.

Biblical stories and true life stories are exceptionally used within the context of this book, to highlights examples of individuals who didn’t resolve issues within themselves, only to see them manifested in their offspring.

This book’s approach will educate parents on getting to the source of issues within themselves and their families. The author concentrates on several areas that parents may deal with internally, offering sound biblical advice and God’s direction. It’s an eye-opener to readers about what is going on around them.

In these last days, this book is an essential tool to assist parents and non parents alike in understanding how to bring about God’s destiny for their lives and their children. This is a must read because It first helps you understands yourself and then your offspring. It will help you answer many, many questions. You will truly enjoy reading it!


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  • Publication Date: February 3, 2015
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