Saturday, January 9, 2016

Finally Alive by Joshua G. Fridley

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A constant battle in my head turned into a war about life in general. Questioning every detail on who I am. Realizing after fourteen years I had no clue who I was or where I was going. Running from life instead of embracing reality. Truth is that I knew I had all these qualities, though fear stood in the way of really just letting me express myself. So like in everyone’s life I had to look in the mirror and ask is this all that life is? I found out the answer to my questions, with the inspiration that music, poetry, helping others, and being real about how I felt was the turning point of my life. Through my trials and tribulations I stumbled upon how to really be alive.

80 page little book, made up of one page each of his story. I enjoyed the book, however did not read the whole thing, as it is more of a rambling on about his life book. The reader is not brought in completely to his story. But overall I would recommend it.

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