Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mordraud I and Book two

The realm of Cambria has been ravaged by war for decades. Towns and villages are reduced to heaps of rubble and wasteland. On one side, the Imperial Lances and Cambria’s fearsome chanters, capable of shaping reality through the power of their harmonies. On the other, Eldain’s proud rebels, guardians of the free domains in the East. Three brothers are born and grow up submerged in the despair of the fighting, smothered by a hatred that infects them and fuels them to seek each other out on the battlefield. They are dragged by remorse and recrimination with roots too deep to be eradicated, tied double to the blood-steeped failure of their family. And so the war front becomes the stage where Mordraud, Dunwich and Gwern will play out their personal tragedies, between irresistible passions, rampant careers, and drawn-out nights shivering in tents assailed by the Long Winter.

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Cambria is burning. Its flames consume the dying dreams of Imperial glory, along with the rebels’ yearning for revenge, helmed by Eldain. The war has come to an end and, with it, a duel between brothers. Gwern, the youngest of the three, sets off to seek Mordraud. This journey will take him to the city of Syl, where hired assassins and conscienceless merchants cut deals in the shadows of its myriad of bridges. The same murkiness where Dunwich has stowed away, after desolate flight from what took place at the foot of the golden gates. 
The brothers’ paths will cross again, once Gwern comes to learn the secret that has always conditioned his family: what is man’s Limit? What mystery is concealed beyond the infinite ocean surrounding the world?

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  • Publication Date: July 3, 2015

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