Wednesday, August 17, 2016


The Candle Maker offers a refreshing glimpse into the journey of faith throughout the entirety of a lifetime. The story of Phillip and his quest to understand how and why there is a candle within his chest is compelling and reads like a parable guiding toward a profound truth. Phillip’s remarkable experience, the wide swing of all human emotion, travels the high, joyous peaks as well as the low, desolate valleys of life.

The Candle Maker follows Phillip through all the stages of his existence, from the warmth of a nurturing home, to the embrace of a true love, through the snares of those who would tempt to extinguish his inner flame, through great loss and absolute heartache, back again to a life rebuilt and life returned, and ultimately face to face with the Candle Maker, the creator of all light. Don’t let the brevity of The Candle Maker mislead you, within this small volume is a story that sings a grand truth that must be experienced by anyone walking the path of light.

Product Details

  • Series: Morgan James Fiction
  • Hardcover: 134 pages
  • Publisher: Morgan James Fiction; Lam edition (January 10, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1630479713
  • ISBN-13: 978-1630479718

All I can say is WOW! What an amazing book!  James Ryan Orr takes us through a journey of one boy, Phillip. Phillip's life. Phillips' candle burning inside him, his chest, near where his heart is. Phillip learns a lot about himself and the world around him. I will not say any more, as I do not want to give away the turns to this lovely book. A MUST READ! Thank you Mr. Orr for letting me be the first reviewer!

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