Thursday, October 13, 2016


Samita Sarkar thought she was destined to spend her entire life running.

Never giving herself a moment’s rest, she studied hard and graduated from university with top grades, and then promptly began a tireless job search. But although she thought that she had done everything by the book, life still hadn’t given her any answers. She knew that God had a plan, but what was it?

Stricken with anxiety while facing midsummer heat and sizable life decisions, the thrifty twenty-something Canadian—who had never before travelled for travel’s sake—purchased a discount bus ticket for what she thought would be a few weeks of reprieve in The United States. Embarking on her journey with nothing but a small suitcase, a broken handbag, a killer manicure and a copy of "The Bhagavad Gita," Samita would spend her days wandering streets and beaches, and her nights in jostling buses or on cramped couches. Marvelling at the beauty around her, Samita finally discovered what the world has to offer to those who stop running, while learning lessons that would set the course of the rest of her life.

*This is a beautiful story of a young woman who wanted to see the world. A Canadian who ended up on the east coast of the U.S. of A traveling southward.  People she encounters. Experiences she has. etc. A fun book. Easy, quick read. Inspiring. Her God, Lord Krishna is in control. Not her.*

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  • Publisher: Blossoms Books (March 3, 2016)
  • Publication Date: March 3, 2016

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