Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hola! Let's Learn Spanish by Judy Martialay

¡HOLA! gives children 6-10 an early and fun start in learning Spanish. Parents can use it with their children, whether or not they know Spanish. Please go to the audio page at for your free download of the audio version. Follow the book along with the audio to learn the pronunciation. Kids take an imaginary trip to Mexico where they meet Panchito the Mexican Jumping Bean. They follow his adventures while being drawn into the culture and learning Spanish. Activities follow to practice Spanish. They include a treasure hunt and a skit. Culture Corner give more ideas for practicing Spanish while learning more about Mexico, including the song for breaking a piñata. Children can follow directions for making a traditional Mexican Mask. Parents should go to Parents' page on website for more advice on how to use the book.
It's important to download the audio version so that you can stop and return to parts that you want to hear again.

A great easy read for anyone, not just children. Lots of colorful illustrations. This book is not just about language. It's about culture all around. Music. Reading. People. etc. Great book!
Thanks for letting me read and review this book Ms. Martialay!

From the Author

¡HOLA!.. is a start in learning the language. My hope is that parents and children will be enthusiastic about learning Spanish and will ask their elementary schools to implement programs for learning languages. Currently, only 15% of elementary schools here in the U.S.offer any form of foreign language instruction.  
Please see that your child continues the study of Spanish. If your local elementary school doesn't offer FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary School), please ask your Board of Education to implement a program so that your child and others can enjoy the benefits of learning another language.
It takes many years to master a language, which expresses all the complexities of human thought. Your child will have a truly useful skill with amazing benefits after studying the language throughout grade school and college.

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