Sunday, November 11, 2018

Spectacular, unique read.

Fallen Men might just be one of my best reads and page turners in 2018. I, interestingly, was very much on the main character’s side, hoping for the best outcome in a trying situation. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was taken into each character’s lives and felt very much connected to them. I also learned a lot about Ireland, it’s landscape, but mainly about the Catholic faith. Yes, recently the church presents in the news; however, I believe one only sees the negative. There are very positive things with the church and Brian O’Hare does a fine job describing just this. In the end, I think it all turned out pretty fair for every party involved.  Brian O’Hare to me is a new author. I am so happy he gave me the opportunity to read his fine work of art.

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  1. Thanks, Nikii. I appreciate your kind comments. Glad you liked the book. Brian